Friday, March 2, 2012


Every year more than 700 students get into BVP engg college but how many get lucky enough to be called as engineers after being blessed with a Certificate is a big question. I personally got it after 4+1 long but immensely enjoyable years. Yes, the ceremony of 'degree distribution' is officially known as CONVOCATION. It is the time when passouts can relive their college days with the same friends in the same pavements, podium, GS corner, eatouts ( a few being Richie Rich, keshav and raju ki tapri), parties and the  premises. I reached early to the library building but was really surprised to see many more enthusiasts already in the que to get their maroon gown and avoid that BABY PINK one. Post getting my maroon one and wearing it after decoding the way 2 wear it, there were camera flashes all over. Many chaps and chics came hugged, got clicked and kept moving. Groups were becoming larger and larger. Everyone had a grin and a satisfaction about finally becoming what they dreamt off or were forced to a few years back. All old familiar faces and comments like 'abe tu aur mota ho gaya', 'aur koi ni ladki pati', 'raat ka kya scene hai?' And many more. Then we moved towards the pendol in the ground, friends kept on joining and the cameras kept on clicking. Everyone was enjoying themselves to the fullest. The caps flew high and the voices rose in amplitude. After returning back the gown we got the proof of our success. I was nostalgic when I realised the fact that I was probably meeting some of my pals for the last time.
To end this report nothing can be better than the lines -- woh kaisi subah thi khushiyon ka tha safar, sab yaar sang the koi thi na fikar..