Monday, May 10, 2010

Acknowledgement to 1st issue of "Prodyogiki"


As we all know, this is the 1st issue of “PRODYOGIKI”. This magazine is for the students , of the students and by the students. This is an attempt to improve the interaction between students and teachers of production department. This will surely help students to explore the creativity within themselves.

On this issue , firstly I want to thank Hon. HOD R.N. Patil sir , Chairman of PESA for supporting us to take this initiative. My sincere thanks to Mr. S.S. Chavan , Staff Co-ordinatorwho stood by us in all the problems faced till launch of the magazine.I also want to thank all the teachers for co-operating with us and providing us their valuable factual inputs about the department.

I also want to thank all the students for showing their keen interest. Especially, I want to thank Manish who helped in clicking and collecting the photographs included in this issue. I also want to thank Palash , Shashank and Rachit who took especial efforts to learn coral draw and designing PRODYOGIKI from top to bottom .

A very special thanks to the “editorial board” who took all the efforts and worked round the clock to make this magazine a success.
A hearty thanks to the most co-operative non-teaching staff of the
Special thanks to Arnav Chaudhary , a friend from comp. science dept. who helped PRODYOGIKI to reach this level of elegancy.

Lastly , I request the upcoming batches to work smartly and show
active participation in extra – curricular activities . I sign off with a
hope to see a better “PRODYOGIKI” in the coming years .

Abhimanyu Sharma
(On behalf of editorial board)
magazine was released on - 30/04/2010

standing out

A tribute to all my friends who are converted from "Bachelors of Engineering" to "Bachelors of Technology" in BVDUCOE , Pune.
Semester exams are over, Sem-break is enjoyed and new semester has started with full enthusiasm in the students. A month past minds are struck with a ferocious thought of result.
Rumours about the date of declaration of result are spread all over the campus.
One day all of a sudden, a teacher enters the class room with sealed envelope to distribute the much awaited result among the students. But only a few luckier students get the result while others have to leave the room with a sad expression on the canvas of their face. Who are these students???!!
The answer is – they are those “Pillars of success” (Failures) who have got 1 or more year back. No doubt they are very well accepted by the students of regular batch and by the college too but in every six months (at the time of result) they are reminded of their failure.
Every day they come to college with a similar hope as they had the preceding day but they get
there performance card after a few more restless days.
I question -:
* Why they do not get the result on time?
* Why they have to face those extra restless days when they also give the exams with those who get it on time?
* Why they have to still “stand out” when they have mingled well with their new colleagues ????