Friday, October 21, 2011

Better follow ONION

27th Aug 2011 , 12 PM to 1 PM – 36000 feet above sea level.
Here I am, on board flight to Mumbai. Thanks to Parker Hannifin Corporation for giving me an opportunity to tour across 3 prime cities of India.
Travelling across – The first destination was Chennai – capital of Tamil Nadu. There I couldn’t find anyone in a state of peace (be it mental or physical). Everyone was chasing some or the other task. The rush on the roads resembled to something what would have happened in Jallianwala bagh some decades back. No one spoke Hindi (The national language). The skin color was a few shades darker. The religious beliefs were different and so was the way of worshipping. Having a conservative mind was still an “in thing” there as locating females after dusk was quite difficult. The food looked and tasted differently. Every dish had a flavor of coconut, tamarind and “It.” With enormous memories (sweet, sour & some with a tinge of “It”), I left for Hyderabad.
Hyderabad – The deccan capital of India. The roads were clean and wide – sufficient to make you fall in love with Hyderabad. No one was in a rush. Almost everyone conversed in Hindi pretty well though the local language was Telugu. The “conservative mind psychology” dropped to a decent level as I could see girls wearing trendy outfits. The newspaper with the maximum circulation was – The Deccan Herald whereas in Chennai it was “The Hindu.” The staple food was a thicker version of rice. The amount of spices and masala was increased to an extent that eyes and nose started running as soon as I had my 1st bite. But from sambhar to biryani, “Its” presence could be easily felt.
The concluding destination was The National Capital- dilwalon ka sheher – Dilli. Delhi can be easily crowned as “the liveliest city of India.” The airport was insanely huge that it seemed to be a city in itself. The roads were clean-broad and as smooth as a mink quilt. I could hear the vibrant Hindi from all directions. An immense increment in the no. of Gurudwaras could be easily noticed whereas in Hyderabad the number of Mosques was dominant. Sikhs were easily seen and Punjabi could be heared loud and clear. The conservativeness was dropped down drastically as the length of denims was cut short to hot pants.
Core apologies to Shri Anna Hazare (Who is on a hunger strike for the noble cause of eradicating corruption) but Delhi is famous for its cuisine which primarily comprises of paneer, butter, chicken, a thinner version of rice than that found in southern India. Being in Delhi you can’t afford to miss Paranthe  and chaat (I think I should stop now because this list can encircle the globe at least once) .
Throughout the tour I tasted n varieties of food, “It” was everywhere – standing proudly with a pumped up chest. While on my way back I realized that, “we might be divided by RELIGION but will always be united by ONION (It).”

The Princess woke up early

31st sept.-2010
900hrs dawn, sound of rain could penetrate the ears easily, which was realised whenever ‘his’ eyes opened while sleeping. Yes, HE was sleeping but not alone. Few words were exchanged between the 2 mates on bed, which could never be recalled after gaining senses. 
“He” doesn’t remember when he fell asleep last night after the clocked ticked 2:00am. The mates confronted a fight/quarrel/shouts/thunder and storms with heavy rains from all the 3 sides i.e. the clouds outside and the eyes (2*2) inside the window.
The eyes which wept in the dark, though slept in the same blanket with cloths ON probably for the 1st time (neglecting the unfavourable times of illness).
(After the eyelids were closed and the senses were lost, the two love struck were still in touch – “which could be only sensed by the tactile sensors installed free of cost when you are bitten by the love bug.” HE entangled the mate in his arms , kisses were exchanged on neck, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, ears and every exposed part of the two Insleep mates.)
Alarm sound was heard by HE, who pushed the snooze button and the mate simultaneously but mate couldn’t wakeup. Alarm roared again but still the senses couldn’t be regained. Finally, after uncountable and unremembered attempts one of the two mates woke up and emerged back from the romantic, touchy, dreamy world to the real world of collecting “the times of India” from the door step, attending the call of nature, splashing water on face, etc, etc.
The other mate (still in sleep) could hear the sound of triggering the gas lighter, noise of water being poured into some metallic container. The nostrils could sense some smell too, whereas the closed eyelids were kept constant.
The bedroom's door was opened and the insleep mate judged  it by the creeping sound produced by the door hinges. The blanket was removed in the most romantic way one could imagine. A kiss was pecked on the forehead but still-closed-eyelids demanded for two more. This desire was fulfilled too.
The sound of water being poured into..., which was heard some minutes ago, was transformed into the best possible tea. This was the best morning one could ever dream of as HE enjoyed the best BEDTEA full of love, feelings, emotions, dreams of being, staying, and loving  each other forever and ever only because “the Princess woke up early.”