Saturday, December 29, 2012

Of the People, By the People and For the People!!

Even the pen is shivering while I am scribbling this. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN INDIA?? ?
India – A country with its citizen having high Moral values and Strong Religious believes.
A country where all school kids pledge, “All Indians are my brothers and sisters.” All of us talk have been talking about India Shining since a good long duration now. We have all good modern facilities in our prime cities at least.  Sky scrapers and Metro rails are up and running. World class medical, technical and B- Schools are flourishing here. We have successfully hosted the last edition of common wealth games and we even have an F-1 circuit now a days.
I wonder in a state of shock, what would have gone wrong with the brains of 6 men (Adults and not even mentally retarded) that led them to raping a 23 year old girl?
Aren’t   we known as the largest democracy on the planet?
Yes, Nirbhaya ( Fictious name imparted in honor of the courage she had) was brutally rape by 6 bastards in a bus which kept on wandering around the posh localities of our very own capital city- New Delhi.  When their penises were satisfied / tired, it was a rusty iron rod’s turn to penetrate the vagina. Oh God!
She fought bravely against all odds with commendable optimism and grace but after 13 long days her soul has departed leaving behind many questions still unanswered as –
Who will take care of her family?
Who will give justice to the Nirbhaya’s fearless soul by hanging the 6 bastards till death and by when? Because justice delayed is justice denied.
And Who will take care of all the other women’s security dwelling in this glowing , blooming, blossoming and SHINING INDIA?
-          Our Leaders claim, India will be a developed nation by 2020.
Dear Leaders,
Kindly accept my sincere apologies but I don’t want to be called as a citizen of a developed nation where our women cannot live and roam around freely without having a fear of eve-teasing, hooliganism or being RAPED.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Koi lauta de woh beetey hue din...

This is dedicated to the year, when I was a GET @ Parker Hannifin. pvt ltd.
July 2011- June 2012..

Ab hum Subah conference room mein nahi jaate,
Theek se Akhbaar padhe haftey ho chukey hain,
Dher saari fizool ki  baatein nahi kartey,
Maano Watsapp group ka sahara lagta ho….!!!

Disha (mam) ka intezaar karna maano ab purana ho gaya hai,
Befizool ubaasi lena ab kahan hi ho paata hai,
Aur uspe performance!!  toh maano itihaas ho chala hai…
Naach gaana ab TV pe hi dhek liya kartein hain…..

Facts ab koi nahi batata,
INFACT ab samay kahan hi mil pata hai….
Har baat pe taaliyaan nahi bajti’n….
Maano sab birthday ka intezaar kar rahe  hain….

Bakshi ke maze koi nahi le paata…
Shayad use bhi maza aata hoga!!
Health tips nahi milte ab …
Aur naa hi muft ki healthy cheezein…
Shahrukh ki ninda bhi naa ho pati hai,
Group hug ka maano muhurat nikalna padega.

Chai ka cup nahi girta ab har roz…
Anda bhurji bhi parayi si lagti hai,…
…..ab hame koi BACHHA keh ke ni bulata,
Sayaney ho gaye hain shayad….!!!
Par dil ab bhi naadaan hai……

A contribution from Disha maa’m.

Sach yeh sab mujhe bhi bahut bahut yaad aata hai...
Aur subah ka nashta abb mujhe bada pasand aata hai..
tum sabke intezaar mein aakein tahar si gayi hain mano
Dekho waqt hamein kya kya ehsaas dilaata hai...

Friday, March 2, 2012


Every year more than 700 students get into BVP engg college but how many get lucky enough to be called as engineers after being blessed with a Certificate is a big question. I personally got it after 4+1 long but immensely enjoyable years. Yes, the ceremony of 'degree distribution' is officially known as CONVOCATION. It is the time when passouts can relive their college days with the same friends in the same pavements, podium, GS corner, eatouts ( a few being Richie Rich, keshav and raju ki tapri), parties and the  premises. I reached early to the library building but was really surprised to see many more enthusiasts already in the que to get their maroon gown and avoid that BABY PINK one. Post getting my maroon one and wearing it after decoding the way 2 wear it, there were camera flashes all over. Many chaps and chics came hugged, got clicked and kept moving. Groups were becoming larger and larger. Everyone had a grin and a satisfaction about finally becoming what they dreamt off or were forced to a few years back. All old familiar faces and comments like 'abe tu aur mota ho gaya', 'aur koi ni ladki pati', 'raat ka kya scene hai?' And many more. Then we moved towards the pendol in the ground, friends kept on joining and the cameras kept on clicking. Everyone was enjoying themselves to the fullest. The caps flew high and the voices rose in amplitude. After returning back the gown we got the proof of our success. I was nostalgic when I realised the fact that I was probably meeting some of my pals for the last time.
To end this report nothing can be better than the lines -- woh kaisi subah thi khushiyon ka tha safar, sab yaar sang the koi thi na fikar..


Friday, January 27, 2012

My Interview for the 1st Job

My journey to the new beginning: "Parker Hannifin"

1st there was a written test comprised of 50 MCQs of 1 hour.
Questions included Technical, Quantitative aptitude and General knowledge.
2nd round was G.D. and my group’s topic was Population – A boon or Bane?”
3rd round was Personal Interview in which panels of three officials from company were to Interview the short listed 11 students.


Q-1: Hi abhimanyu, You seem to be very naughty,”Bachpan bohot maar khaayi hai ?”
Ans: Yes ma’am.
Q-2: Tell us something about yourself.
Ans: I told everything right from school to final year of B-Tech highlighting the points such as:
House captain, Marketing head, President,Editor, and member of Student’s training and placement council. I guess they were impressed then.
Q-3: What if we post you in Chennai?
Ans: not a problem sir, whether be Chennai, Navi Mumbai or Newyork.

There were a few more questions like Why Parker?
Why your 1st year percentage is so less? etc

Finally 8 out of 11 students were short listed to be interviewed by the Country Head HR on
skype(web cam). Next day we reported at 8:30am and trust me nervousness was in the air.

Q-1: Abhimanyu tell me any 1 achievement of yours?
Ans: I told him everything about the magazine (Prodyogiki) and my
work as PESA president.
Q-2: Where do u see yourself at the age of 45?
Ans: At some managerial post in any reputed firm like yours and moreover I want to be satisfied man like my dad.
Q-3: What does your dad do?
Ans: He is in Govt. Service.
Q-4: You never thought of joining public sector?
Ans: I did but later i realized that in public sector, Promotions come after a longer period of time and I want to grow very quickly.
Q-5: Ask me any question.
Ans: Sir, can I interview you for this year’s magazine. He
said Yes and then I asked him 3 Questions which are included in this magazine.

Results were out and I got my DREAM JOB.