Saturday, August 28, 2010

"A"- Certified

In India anyone who crosses 18 years of age is considered to be an ADULT. Which means:-
  • · Most of you have passed class 12th.
  • · You are authorized to vote
  • · Girls are eligible to tie knot.
  • · You are certified to watch movies with “A” certification.
More or less this age brings so many responsibilities along. You have to face thunderous taunts suggesting to – “stand on your own feet”. But apart acquiring the above mentioned things, the newly certified A’s will loose a few things too.
  • · They will never-ever be excited for 1st of July, which used to be the school re-opening day.
  • · These adults will never wait for their school bus (mostly yellow in color with an identification number).
  • · No excuses of stomach ache or loose motions or headache or viral fever or cough and cold or etc can be made in order to bunk school just o escape the punishments for incomplete homework.
  • · Now having cell phones , they will never have an opportunity to roam restlessly near the landline connection and the pre-decided time when their respective He/She friends were supposed to call.
  • · There will be nothing called as “parents-teachers meet”, usually scheduled on the second Saturday.
  • · There will be no 100 pages wali test copies, which in my case contained the most no. of fake parental signatures than any other document.
  • · There’s no compulsion of calling your parents in order to get final exam report card.
  • · They will never-ever get a new “pupil’s diary” which they used to get every year.
  • · There will never be n-no. of new pinches for new bag , new pair of shoes, new uniform on July-1.
  • · There will be no one to check your over grown nails, unpolished shoes or shabby hairstyle.
  • · No kindergarten kids will be seen in the school bus with a flower which they brought for their teachers.
  • · No punishment of human being transformed to a cock will be given.
  • · There will be no ties with unbuttoned color usually witnessed after standard-9.
  • · There will be no girls wearing skirts whose length varied inversely with there age.
  • · And lastly your eyes will never glitter in excitement to search for games period in the schedule and no hi-fi’s will be exchanged if you found two of them in a row.
Dedicated to all my school friends and foes who made the journey till 18 so memorable and amazing.