Friday, January 27, 2012

My Interview for the 1st Job

My journey to the new beginning: "Parker Hannifin"

1st there was a written test comprised of 50 MCQs of 1 hour.
Questions included Technical, Quantitative aptitude and General knowledge.
2nd round was G.D. and my group’s topic was Population – A boon or Bane?”
3rd round was Personal Interview in which panels of three officials from company were to Interview the short listed 11 students.


Q-1: Hi abhimanyu, You seem to be very naughty,”Bachpan bohot maar khaayi hai ?”
Ans: Yes ma’am.
Q-2: Tell us something about yourself.
Ans: I told everything right from school to final year of B-Tech highlighting the points such as:
House captain, Marketing head, President,Editor, and member of Student’s training and placement council. I guess they were impressed then.
Q-3: What if we post you in Chennai?
Ans: not a problem sir, whether be Chennai, Navi Mumbai or Newyork.

There were a few more questions like Why Parker?
Why your 1st year percentage is so less? etc

Finally 8 out of 11 students were short listed to be interviewed by the Country Head HR on
skype(web cam). Next day we reported at 8:30am and trust me nervousness was in the air.

Q-1: Abhimanyu tell me any 1 achievement of yours?
Ans: I told him everything about the magazine (Prodyogiki) and my
work as PESA president.
Q-2: Where do u see yourself at the age of 45?
Ans: At some managerial post in any reputed firm like yours and moreover I want to be satisfied man like my dad.
Q-3: What does your dad do?
Ans: He is in Govt. Service.
Q-4: You never thought of joining public sector?
Ans: I did but later i realized that in public sector, Promotions come after a longer period of time and I want to grow very quickly.
Q-5: Ask me any question.
Ans: Sir, can I interview you for this year’s magazine. He
said Yes and then I asked him 3 Questions which are included in this magazine.

Results were out and I got my DREAM JOB.