Saturday, December 29, 2012

Of the People, By the People and For the People!!

Even the pen is shivering while I am scribbling this. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN INDIA?? ?
India – A country with its citizen having high Moral values and Strong Religious believes.
A country where all school kids pledge, “All Indians are my brothers and sisters.” All of us talk have been talking about India Shining since a good long duration now. We have all good modern facilities in our prime cities at least.  Sky scrapers and Metro rails are up and running. World class medical, technical and B- Schools are flourishing here. We have successfully hosted the last edition of common wealth games and we even have an F-1 circuit now a days.
I wonder in a state of shock, what would have gone wrong with the brains of 6 men (Adults and not even mentally retarded) that led them to raping a 23 year old girl?
Aren’t   we known as the largest democracy on the planet?
Yes, Nirbhaya ( Fictious name imparted in honor of the courage she had) was brutally rape by 6 bastards in a bus which kept on wandering around the posh localities of our very own capital city- New Delhi.  When their penises were satisfied / tired, it was a rusty iron rod’s turn to penetrate the vagina. Oh God!
She fought bravely against all odds with commendable optimism and grace but after 13 long days her soul has departed leaving behind many questions still unanswered as –
Who will take care of her family?
Who will give justice to the Nirbhaya’s fearless soul by hanging the 6 bastards till death and by when? Because justice delayed is justice denied.
And Who will take care of all the other women’s security dwelling in this glowing , blooming, blossoming and SHINING INDIA?
-          Our Leaders claim, India will be a developed nation by 2020.
Dear Leaders,
Kindly accept my sincere apologies but I don’t want to be called as a citizen of a developed nation where our women cannot live and roam around freely without having a fear of eve-teasing, hooliganism or being RAPED.

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